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Lerik city
12:13 PM
Lerik city
Distance with Baku 323 km
Population 66200
How to reach By bus - Scheduled bus Lankaran-Lerik, Baku-Lerik

Highly in Talish mountains, where someone might touch heavens with its own hand it is allocated one of the most picturesque corners of Azerbaijan – Lerik district. Here you could find out everything, by which nature might gift a man: magnificent mountains, thick forests, rivers and waterfalls, crystalline pure fresh air and fertile soil. The highest points in the area – Komurgoy (2492 m) and Gisyurdu (2433 m) mountains. In autumn it often rains, roads paved towards far villages become not passable. In summer temperature +20 C, +25 C. Natural recreational zones of Buludul are popular (20 km out of district center) and Zaringala as well (17 km). Here you may find out rills with the tastiest water. In forests and alongside the Lerik riverbanks, there are available conditions intended for going on wild boar, hare, fox, partridge, ducks. In hard accessible corners of woods, among mountains there is leopard habituated. Nowadays, scientific program is in force; that program is targeted on keeping of that rare bruit.
Except for unrepeatable nature, that region always was in honor by its original culture and ancient story. Here it was discovered cave parking site, in which men of rock age habituated. In the area, there are numerous historical memorials. Among them: mausoleum of Khoja Seid in Khanagah village (XIV century); mosque of XIX century in Lulakaran village; ancient settlement “Giz Yurdu” nearby Mistan village allocated at height of 2438 m; mausoleum Baba Hasan – nearby Jonu village; Baba Isa mausoleum in Mondigakh village; mausoleum Pir Yusif nearby Kekonu village mausoleum Jabir XII-XIV centuries situated on way leading from Lerik towards Jengimiran village. There rock statues of muttons are kept in many villages. Nearby Jengimiran there is mausoleum of Khalif Zakariya. In the village, as historical monuments, there are old trees being in custody. During its voyage onto Caucasus Alexander Dumas had vizited thst village, reviewed monuments of antiquity, and talked with dwellers of the village. In one of its novels, Dumas told to residents of the said village on heroism.
Lerik always was in honor with its long living men, among which Shirali Muslumov, who set up New World record upon life term duration, having lived out 163 years (1812-1975). Another long living person Mahmud Eyvazov who lived out 150 years (1808-1958). Now in the area there are tens of men are habituated, having been stepped over age-old border and kept workable activity.
The area center – Lerik city is allocated between highest mountains and fertile plain. You might attend local historical museum of the land and inspect memorials having been set up in memory of Garabag war.
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